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Big Nate’s Family BBQ was founded on the idea of bringing great people and great food together, to create experiences that make us human. Come on in and join the family.

We Believe in Quality

From Our Smoker to Your Plate

Since 2020

Our Story

Our family has enjoyed cooking and enjoying meals for decades! Dinner for our family was held every evening around our small oak wood dining table, with what seemed like even smaller benches. After thanking the Lord for our small family, our humble spread, and for the freedoms we have in our great country, we dug into our home cooked meal.
Over time we added more to our family with in-laws. Nightly meals turned into Sunday dinners, because we realized that the only thing that we enjoyed more than our food, was time we had with each other. The old oak table got smaller and smaller as we added more and more to the family.  With grandkids thrown into the mix we learned to feed what seems like an army of people.
All along the way we always did the best we could to share our food with those who might needed it most. That turned into us cooking for church events, summer camps, auction fundraisers or donation drives. With what seemed like every meal we shared we always got the same question, “when are you guys going to start a restaurant?” With which we replied, “we just love to cook, and even better we like it when people enjoy our family’s good food. Welcome to the Family!”
Soon we realized that maybe our friends were on to something. What if there was a way to serve more people our food AND give to people in need? What if people had the same opportunity to eat a good meal around their own humble tables? What if we could help other people help people?
The rest is history. Big Nate’s Family BBQ was born and people love the food just as much as they ever have. Whether you eat our food because it’s just that good, you want a meal for the family, or you’re sharing it with someone who needs it. With every customer that orders, we feel like our family is growing again, and we hope you feel included when we say, “Welcome to the Family!”

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

To create food that brings friends and family closer together creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our Vision

To create a brand capable of feeding thousands of people across the country. All while inspiring others to promote family unity, and giving to those in need.

Our Suppliers

We use only the best quality and cuts of meat at Big Nate’s Family BBQ, which is why our food is better than our competitors. When you spend a little more to get better quality ingredients, meats, seasonings, and sauces, magic happens in your mouth.

Our Process

We start by trimming all of our meat so that there are no undesirable pieces left of the meat. Then we season to perfection with our rubs that we make fresh in house. We put that masterpiece onto the best smokers we can get our hands on with the perfect blend of hardwoods for hours. What comes off the smoker is a cut of meat so juicy and tender it makes your mouth water long before that food ever reaches your tongue. When you see the sign for Big Nate’s Family BBQ, you know that your going to taste quality. That’s a guarantee! 

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Big Nate's Family BBQ

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We are located just south of McKellips off of Higley Rd. Come stop by to sample before you buy!

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